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“You Don't Bring Me Flowers” is a series of collages that explore the historical representations of femininity, beauty and desire. Through juxtaposing vintage nude photography with vases of flowers, I aim to challenge the traditional notions of ideal beauty and the male gaze.

The pin-up girls, with their exaggerated curves and seductive poses, represent a type of hyper-feminine ideal, while the flowers, with their delicate beauty and symbolism of love and romance, represent a more traditional notion of femininity. By placing these elements together, I am questioning the expectations placed on women and the ways in which femininity is constructed and performed.

Collage art is the perfect medium to explore the dialogue between past and present. The nudes represent a specific time in history and by placing them with flowers, I encourage viewers to think about how these images and ideas have evolved over time and how they continue to influence our culture today.

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