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Erin McGean, also known as LifeWithArt, is a Toronto-based collage artist with a background in Fine Art and Education. With over 15 years of experience as a practicing artist, Erin's work has garnered recognition and is featured in various publications and art collections, both public and corporate. Her artistic journey has been shaped by a commitment to exploring the interplay between visual culture, personal identity, and the influence of past ideologies on our present and future.


Through her creative process, Erin delves into the complexities of visual culture, using vintage images as a canvas for her artistic expression. By recontextualizing these images in her collages, she invites viewers to reflect on their personal connections to the past and challenges prevailing narratives. The techniques of juxtaposition and layering are central to her artistic practice, revealing the intricate interplay between history, memory, and self-discovery. Erin's collages serve as visual meditations, inspiring contemplation of personal identities and the legacies we inherit, prompting critical examination and fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


With her thought-provoking work, Erin sheds light on the enduring impact of visual culture and our place within the evolving narrative of human history. Her art encourages introspection and invites viewers to reimagine future paths shaped by the influences of the past. Through her artistic exploration, Erin inspires personal growth and deeper insights, illuminating the transformative power of art. By fostering dialogue and reflection, she sparks a profound connection between art, personal identity, and our shared human experience.



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