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As a collage artist who works with vintage nude photos, I am interested in exploring and challenging traditional representations of women in art. By combining and layering images of the female form I aim to create a nuanced and multi-dimensional portrayal of femininity.

Through my art, I seek to reclaim the female body from the male gaze and to give voice to the diversity of women's experiences. I use a range of techniques, from subtle manipulations of the original images to bold juxtapositions of contrasting elements, to subvert and challenge the objectification of women in art.

I am particularly drawn to vintage nude photos for their evocative power and their ability to capture the beauty, vulnerability, and resilience of the female form. By repurposing these images, I seek to honor the women who were captured in them and to give them a new context and meaning in the present day.


Erin studied Painting, Drawing and Art History at York University in Toronto where she earned an Honours B.F.A., followed by a B.Ed. from Brock University. Erin enjoyed a rewarding career as a high school visual arts teacher for 15 years while continue to practice her art. Although originally trained in painting and drawing, she has been producing analogue and digital collages for over 15 years.





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