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1992 - 1996 Bachelor of Fine Art, York University

1997 - 1998 Bachelor of Education, Brock University

Born in St.Catharines, Ontario

Lives & works in Oakville, Ontario


Erin studied Painting, Drawing and Art History at York University in Toronto where she earned an Honours B.F.A., followed by a B.Ed. from Brock University. Although originally trained in painting and drawing, she has been producing analogue and digital collages for the past several years. Erin has exhibited in local galleries and has sold her artworks to private and corporate collectors. Born in St.Catharines and raised in Mississauga, Erin currently resides in Oakville, raising her family, teaching high school visual arts and practicing her craft. 


Artistic Vision:

The process of deconstructing images to create something completely new is my current ongoing visual obsession. Years ago, I began making digital collages from my own photos using my iPhone and the plethora of apps available to edit them. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the results of this newfound techno-medium I began to miss the tactile nature of painting and the mess of materials in my studio. So, I cleared it out of painting supplies and replaced it with stacks of books and magazines, knifes and glue sticks and began making analog collages. My current work using traditional collage techniques along with digital technology to re-purpose found imagery. Each piece begins with collecting and testing several combinations until a match reveals itself that is both visually pleasing and thought provoking. The resulting images are meant to tell a story, albeit a bit of a surreal one. My inspiration comes from my experiences as a female and a mother and a lifelong strong connection to the natural world. Ultimately, I want my images to express an sense of peace, solitude and reverence for nature, while exploring our complex relation to it and reminding us how much we are a part of it.



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