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Between the Lines:

A collaborative series between Nate Hill and Erin McGean.
Nate and Erin met through Instagram over 10 years ago and instantly clicked over a love of art and photo editing. It was serendipitous to have met up again in the NFT space and it was a perfect moment to collaborate. Working from different sides of the world they exchanged ideas and images until the "Between the Lines" series was born.

View Erin's Instagram here.
View Nate Hill's Instagram

This series of 5 collages will be released as follows:
Mint #1: Edition of 40 @ 0.04 (SOLD OUT)
Mint #2: Edition of 30 @ 0.08 (SOLD OUT)
Mint #3: Edition of 20 @ 0.12 (MINTING CLOSED)
Mint #4: Edition of 10 @ 0.16 (SOLD OUT)

A total of .40 to collect the first 4 in the series with the 5th being airdropped as a reward to collectors to hold all 4. Once the first 4 editions have sold out a cooling off period will be given before a snapshot is taken.
The final piece, "Wish You Were Here" will be airdropped to collectors who hold all 4 along with 16 x 24 Fine Art print (Hahnemuhle paper) of their favourite piece from the series.

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